Sunder Jewellers Unveils ‘CHARIZMA

Sunder Jewellers has introduced “CHARIZMA,” a captivating collection of IGI certified cultural diamonds, marking a significant first for the region. This stunning collection includes a wide array of lab-grown diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings, catering to the modern generation that values sustainability, fine designs, and a cultured lifestyle.

Mahender Khurana, the MD of Sunder Group, emphasized the burgeoning trend in the manufacturing and sale of lab-grown or cultured diamonds, citing the recent example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gift of a “GREEN OR ECO-FRIENDLY” diamond to the First Lady of the United States. He proudly revealed a similar diamond on display at their store. Debunking some common myths surrounding cultured diamonds, Khurana emphasizes on their similarity to natural diamonds in terms of environmental conditions, carbon, pressure, hardness, toughness, refractive index, chemical composition, and desired cut, clarity, and color.

Lab-grown diamonds have gained immense popularity among Millennials and Gen Z for their ethical luxury appeal and affordability (typically 30-60% cheaper than natural diamonds). The launch of Charizma offers a range of cultural diamond designs, allowing younger generations to enhance their jewelry collection without breaking the bank. Sunder Group also hosts “Sabse Sunder Utsav,” their Annual Festive Bonanza, with a grand lucky draw featuring three Honda cars and lifestyle appliances worth lakhs. Shoppers can enter the draw by making purchases above INR 10,000 from Sunder Jewellers and INR 5,000 from Sunder Sterling or Sunder Emporium. This exciting event attracts audiences from Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, and the Tri-city region, offering investment-worthy shopping experiences during the festive season.

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