Subtle yet glam is her style

If you don’t want to look like a canvas with layers of foundations and various other products and want your natural features to be accentuated, then Palak Singla is the make-up artist for you. She tells Urban Melange about her style of make-up along with a few tips for the brides-to-be.

Her journey started in 2019 and she has been glamming up brides since then. Talking about what defines Makeup by Palak Singla, she says, “my makeup brand defines subtleness and glam at the same time. My style of make-up basically is a blend of clients’ demands, my personal choice, and the latest makeup trends. Keeping every detail in mind, we tend to customize each and every look of our client very carefully and intricately. We keep the features of the clients in mind and then decide the final look. The idea is not to change the persona of the client but to enhance their already beautiful face and the overall look.”

Everyone has their own choice when it comes to make-up, but what’s trending is what every bride looks for from her make-up artist. “Nowadays, I feel everything is in trend, depending on what is the best thing that you can carry on yourself. But most people are now going for make up that doesn’t look like make-up and gives a natural finish, with a subtle dewy glow, with soft blended eyes nude or bold lips depending on the eye make-up that’s done. So, the whole game is about blending the make-up and making it look like real skin and not like layers of various products,” says Palak about the trends this season.

The Pandemic has been the biggest challenge for the wedding industry and with the reducing number of guests and budget of the overall wedding, Palak says that people expect make-up artists to also reduce their charges. Elaborating it further, she explains, “It is not fair, as our time and effort remain the same, and the covid situation doesn’t change that at all. Also, there’s so much competition in the market nowadays with respect to the wedding industry, be it make-up, decor, planners, venues, designers. But India being a highly populated nation, makes me believe that no good vendor is sitting idle on peak wedding dates, and everyone is getting work.”

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