Staying True to Self

Mr LC Mittal, Director, Motia Group talks about the joyous ride of the group in reaching the pinnacle of success

The journey of Motia Group which was started in 2015 with the vision to deliver quality projects and keep this precedent of customer satisfaction intact is today a success story in the region’s real estate sector. So, we speak to Mr LC Mittal, Director, Motia Group to know more about the brand’s identity as a top-notch builder of choice.

What affect do the city and the state have on your business?
The city and state are the biggest factors determining the success of our business and fortunately being established in the Tricity has always provided us additional benefits. It is located at such a strategic location which offers direct connectivity to all the major states of North India and brings in customers from entire North India. People here are always interested in investing in the real estate.

What was the purpose of providing quality homes? What attracted you to participate in this business?
The purpose of providing quality homes is the understanding of the need for houses. How so many people dream of owning a house and how much a home means to every buyer is what motivated us to take the plunge. Providing that dream home to every customer came with a sense of satisfaction and that satisfaction eventually turned into a passion.

You have manifested the warm and vibrant Punjabi culture in your work and represented it with such grace. What do you think helped you become an influential and successful entrepreneur?

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