Creating Ripples of Change

A visionary and seasoned entrepreneur, KS Bhatia, Co-Founder and CEO, has taken the agriculture sector on an upward growth trajectory. Here’s how!

With over 20 years of extensive experience in the water pumps industry, KS Bhatia took the road less travelled in 2014 when he disrupted the pumps industry through his B2C marketplace, Pumpkart came into limelight when Google CEO, Sundar Pichai cited Pumpkart’s success story to the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi in USA.

With the passage of time, Pumpkart went on to sign Kapil Dev as its Brand Ambassador. The organization also holds the distinction of being the first startup to represent India in the United Nations

So, we speak to the man behind this success story, who is currently on a mission to create Pumpkart into one of the largest B2B marketplaces by connecting industries, corporate and small businesses directly to the brands for their needs in appliances & electrical categories.

What effect do the city and the state have on your business?

Being an agriculture intensive state, Punjab is one of the largest consuming states for pumps. So, building logistics and acquiring consumers was relatively easier for Pumpkart when we started up.

How has this innovative idea simplified the whole process of purchasing?

This platform has provided the customers with a range of choices and prices to choose from rather than being on the mercy of the retailer. One of the key learnings’ while implementing this platform was that the access for the lesser-known brands was a game-changer and these products were now being demanded not only by the consumer but also the smaller retailers.

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