Spreading Positivity

 “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” staunchly believes eminent Psychologist Anuja Kapur

Hailing her roots from the Capital city, New Delhi, Anuja was born and brought up in a typical Punjabi family. While growing up, she developed a keen interest in Psychology which motivated her to pursue her graduation in Psychology from Delhi University.

Later on, she got into the Criminal Psychology and did her Masters in same stream. The zeal to learn more led her into another course in Forensic Science from Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Science and University of Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Surinder Nath.

She makes sure that every decision of hers is destined towards ambition which recently led her to launch a show ‘Sheena Investigates’ in collaboration with the Zee media group. She has always been on the forefront to raise her voice against social evils.

In an exclusive interview, we talk to her more about her journey and mental well-being.

What interests you the most about being in this field of expertise?

The journey of my life is something which I hold dear to myself. It surely has been lasting and exerting in achieving such a demanding position in life.

The part that keeps me amused in this job is that I can help people change for the good. I can also assist people to recover from a stage farfetched, where the victims of crime have lost all hope after a serious encounter. I have been gifted with a chance to make this world a better place and I will use it to the maximum. My job is sacred to me and I worship my work.

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