Sky is the Limit

Living up to the dreams of his father, Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Virendar Sarwal is contributing indispensably towards restoring faith in humanity

What started as an admiration for the noble profession of medical sciences, soon paved the way for Dr. Virender Sarwal to grow up and become a Cardiac Surgeon. “Ever since my school days, it was my desire to be a doctor; primarily after seeing doctors treating me and the respect it used to generate in me as well as my family’s minds. It is an attractive noble profession based on the service to humanity. My father was very passionate about me becoming a doctor and he even wrote his will that if I become a doctor I will serve the poor free, a wish which I have honoured so far. When I came out of the medical college, it was of huge satisfaction for me in treating patients in my internship days; which ultimately made me closer to this profession,” reminisces Dr. Sarwal.

“After that, I pursued my Post Graduation in general surgery at Patiala but eventually, I had to leave it in between as my father was a heart patient and he was not keeping well. So, I came back and decided to join service to stay with him but, God had his own will and after about one and a half year of his blessings, I lost him to God’s will,” he adds with a teary eye.

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