Seema Sharma

Designation: Founder, Indian Essence

“I am hopeful for a better tomorrow.”

Born & brought up in Panchkula, Seema Sharma took profound knowledge of the Journalism industry before joining the education sector. She started her professional journey at IMS, a CAT Preparation Coaching Centre and later worked with TIME & Career Launcher respectively. A few years later, she was blessed with an adorable son, which lead her to take a break from her professional life. However, nothing could dim the light that shinned from her within.  She resumed as an entrepreneur and managed her distribution business for crockery brand, SignoraWare.

“There came another break in my professional life, as I planned my second baby. However, I started feeling the urge to do business the very moment my daughter touched 3 years. I tried to prioritize my life as needed. I took a little realistic maternity leave of 3 years each for both my children till they were able to communicate properly”, reminisced Seema, who founded Indian Essence a few years later.

“Indian Essence occurred as I experienced life in its natural flow. We all are health conscious these days and so was the case with me.  I have always been a foodie but at the same time, a responsible one.  While I was trying to manage my post-natal weight and other issues, I came across seed diets and many other lifestyle learnings.  It took me almost two years to study, experience and establish the benefits of seeds as dietary supplements and it was a suggestion I had received from an elderly aunt.  I remember many of my friends asking me about the seed mixtures I was making and soon enough I realized there a potential in the segment”, said Seema.

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