Dr. Ruby Ahuja

Designation: Clinical Psychologist

“It is the urban-rural divide which needs to be bridged as much as possible for the holistic evolvement of an Indian woman.”

 An acclaimed psychology consultant with various hospitals of Tricity, Dr. Ruby Ahuja is a licenced CBT & NLP Trainer and an active Member of Indian Association of CBT. She is also registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India and is indispensably serving to make this world a better place to live in!

 How has your journey been in the shoes of a ‘woman’? What do you the love the most about it?

Being a woman has been a roller coaster ride. We still live in the old archetype and pre-define the role of both women and men – the latter, being the bread earner and the former, being the homemaker. I got married at the age of 22 years, when I was still in my final year of post-graduation. I had no clue what marriage was all about but I still remember that marriage was all about fun and having a partner who’s your true friend, which was true in all aspects in the story of my life.

Apart from that, I wasn’t really aware of the responsibilities attached to the word “marriage”. I completed my studies after my marriage, had a son after three years of our marriage and joined the Ph.D. programme, thinking it to be a cakewalk, as I had been a hard worker throughout. But taking care of a child, home and studying at the same time was an uphill task. I almost disconnected socially with my friends as there was hardly any time after doing my household duties and working on my ongoing thesis. After a fairly long struggle, full of ups & downs, and its share of low moments, I got my degree and now I could proudly call myself a Doctorate of Philosophy.

My studying did not end here, as I took up another challenge of not following the typical career after Ph.D. of becoming a lecturer which everybody insisted to. I decided to take the plunge of accepting the challenge to make people, especially children and parents happy. So, I had to take a few more exams to practice as a Clinical Psychologist. However, it was later that I realised that the patriarchal mindset was deeply rooted in this profession. I still get parents where fathers think that I might not be able to help them and their child as I’m a woman.

However, I love being a woman as that makes me beautiful inside-out. I believe that, women are the only species who can exhibit the highest form of compassion, empathy and the purest form of love. I loved giving birth to my son, though it was a tough pregnancy but I still remember every moment of it.


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