Rising Like a Pheonix

Sanjeev Kumar Vasal, Chairman, Vasal Educational Group has brought an ‘education’ revolution in the north region of the country

“The main reason for me to come up with schools was that I stay in Dasuya and I can probably relate with it on the first hand” firmly shared Sanjeev Kumar Vasal while highlighting the importance of quality education in an individual’s life. The Chairman of Vasal Educational Group, Sanjeev has revolutionized the education scenario in Dasuya with his visionary approach and deep-rooted values.

What was your inspiration while laying the foundation stone of your educational institution? What differentiates it from the rest?

In my hometown, people usually send their kids to other towns for studies. I wanted to change that because I realized the importance of education in an individual’s life. If your elementary level of education is good, then your fundamentals become clear, and this is a huge contributing factor in life. In tier 1 cities, this type of education is being provided at a very high cost. Here, we have brought the same international standard of education at a very nominal fees.

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