‘Revolutionizing Pre-School’

Mrs Vandana Sharma, Director, Sanjeev’s Kinderpillar Pre-School Ludhiana sheds light on her impactful and revolutionary journey

A nationally awarded chain of Pre-Schools, Sanjeev’s Kinderpillar Pre-School is an American format pre-school mentored by Prof. Ellen Booth Church who is an Early Education Expert. This pre-school has an array of awards to its credit such as the ‘Best Pre-School Chain’ by ASSOCHAM, India, ‘Top 5 Most Promising Pre-Schools in India’ by Silicon India, and ‘Innovation Revolutionizing Pre-School’ by Concern India. So, we speak to Mrs Vandana Sharma, Director to know more about this spurring success story.

It is said that a teacher affects eternity; whose influence never stops. How do you describe your impact as an educationist? What motivated you to take the plunge?

A teacher’s influence, indeed, doesn’t stop. It’s somewhat like learning how to drive, once you’ve learned it, it cannot be ‘unlearned.’ Similarly, once a teacher has made an impact on your life, it cannot be undone; no matter where you go or what you become in life.

With the children enrolled under us, we have tried to create a safe space for every child, where they can learn and grow at their own pace, irrespective of their backgrounds. At pre-schooling age, kids require constant validation, attention and appraisal for almost everything and once they start feeling neglected, they start losing interest in doing anything productive.

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