Remove Makeup at Night: A Must

Here’s why night time cleansing is of utmost importance!

By Shahnaz Hussain

At night, when we sleep, the repair and restoration of the body takes place.  This includes the skin too. In fact, the cell renewal process carries on at night when the body is at rest. The skin depends on the efficiency of the cell renewal process for its good health and youthful properties. Therefore, we should ensure that the skin is clean and the pores are free of clogged oil and impurities, so that the skin’s repair and renewal can be carried out properly. A bedtime beauty care routine must include cleansing, in order to remove make-up, pollutants, dirt and impurities that are deposited on it during the day. It helps the skin to “breathe.”

Indeed, as already mentioned, night time cleansing is of utmost importance. Whatever the type or texture of the skin, it requires thorough cleansing at night. If we could have a look at unclean skin through a magnifying glass, we would realize the absolute necessity of a proper cleansing routine. Before it is cleansed, the skin surface is covered with a film of stale make-up, oil and sweat deposits, as well as dirt and pollutants. All these are potent skin irritants. They not only upset the normal balance of the skin, but also hamper its natural functions. The question of cleansing assumes even more importance to city dwellers, as they to contend with an increasingly polluted atmosphere.

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