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Yoga instructor, Shanti Bhanot decodes the secret of her eternal charm & fitness!

By: Bhavya Gaind

Dressed in black yoga pants and a plain red T-shirt, yoga instructor, Shanti Bhanot looks fresh and upbeat as she provides us an insider’s view into her fitness journey, so far. Active at 52, Shanti is an inspiration to people of her age and younger, she exudes a timeless charm and the secret certainly lies in her ‘yogi’ outlook towards life.

An active child at school, Shanti was always sporty and practiced aerobics even after she was blessed with a son. “With the passage of time, I looked at yoga only to realize that it suited my body really well. I practiced artistic yoga under the proficient guidance of Bharat Thakur and gradually, attended various yoga training programs. However, It was not till I started practicing on my own, regularly, that I could truly enjoy its absolute essence.”

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