Redefining Beauty through Advanced Aesthetics

Step into the world of aesthetic medicine with Dr. Nitin Sethi, the name behind Aura Aesthetique, where passion and expertise converge to deliver exceptional results. Driven by the joy of client satisfaction, Aura Aesthetique stands out as a leader in cutting-edge aesthetic treatments, offering a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical solutions. With a focus on excellence and advanced technologies, their holistic approach sets them apart in the industry.

What motivated you to establish Aura Aesthetique and specialize in aesthetic medicine?

The joy of seeing a smile on the face of my clients every time I can deliver a satisfactory result motivated me to practice aesthetics and aesthetic surgery. However, my endeavour for excellence and for providing quality care and education was the motivation behind Aura Aesthetique.

Highlight some of the cutting-edge aesthetic treatments offered at Aura Aesthetique?

Aura Aesthetique is a one stop shop for all your surgical and non-surgical needs when it comes to facial and body aesthetics. So, it is largely the motivation of our clients that determines the extent to which we can offer them solutions. We have been leaders in bringing cutting edge technology to our region with technologies like FACETITE, ACUTITE, BODYTITE, MORPHEUS8 for facial rejuvenation and tightening, PICO LASER for facial pigmentation, TRITON laser for hair removal, FUE technology for hair transplant and REGENERA Activa for hair regrowth and salvage. Other technologies like DERMAPEN4 and PLASMAPEN are other key technologies present in the clinic. Besides these, numerous other devices and technologies are on board to provide a holistic approach to our patients.

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