Nurturing Kidney Health with Care

As a seasoned healthcare professional, she has witnessed the impact of kidney-related health issues on individuals and their families. Through her years of practice, Dr. Suman Sethi,  M.D. (Medicine), D.M. (Nephrology) has come to understand the common challenges and concerns faced by patients. With a compassionate approach, she strives to provide guidance and support, promoting both physical and emotional well-being.

What are the most common kidney-related health issues you encounter in your practice?

Over the course of my career, I have frequently come across several kidney diseases that are prevalent among patients. The most common ones include diabetic and hypertensive kidney disease, which are often linked to underlying conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Additionally, inherited disorders such as polycystic kidney disease, as well as kidney diseases associated with sepsis and certain medications, are also frequently encountered.

Can you share some tips for maintaining healthy kidneys through lifestyle modifications?

Certainly! When it comes to maintaining healthy kidneys and effectively managing conditions like diabetes and blood pressure, making certain lifestyle modifications can be beneficial. Regular exercise plays a crucial role in promoting kidney health, along with refraining from alcohol consumption and smoking. Adopting a well-balanced and nutritious diet is vital, and ensuring adequate sleep is equally important.

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