‘Reaching large audience is a constant challenge’

Nothing can be more satisfying than turning your passion into your profession. This is what Neha Mathur from Whisk Affair did when she started sharing her well-thought recipes with the world. After getting a positive response she thought to taking it up full time, leaving behind her career as a dentist. She talks to Urban Melange about how she is satisfied to have chosen this path.

Q.1 What made you go from being a dentist to starting Whisk Affair?

Well for starters I always had a charm of having a “Dr.” in front of my name perhaps because both my parents were doctors too. However once I completed my dentistry and got into the profession I realised that it was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be more creative and build something which I loved. I also got a chance to travel around the world with my partner and experience different cultures and cuisines. Food was something which was always close to my heart and I found my calling in helping people experience food at a large scale. Whisk Affair is my medium to express myself through recipes from around the globe and be creative with them.

Q.2 what is that one thing that inspires you the most?

I get inspired by so much variety of ingredients and types of food available to explore. It’s just about stepping out, travelling or reading about on the web; and I keep getting excited with so much still to explore.

Q.3 what was your vision and mission when you started with Whisk Affair?

My vision has been to help people experience food from around the globe. I’ve been creating and re-creating recipes, trying and testing them and publish the best of them on Whisk Affair.

Q.4 what has been your biggest challenge with Whisk Affair?

Being on a digital medium is about best quality in your content and also on the technicalities. Balancing these two to reach large audience is a constant challenge which I work on.

Q.5 what is your favourite cuisine and favourite dish? Why?

I love cuisines from around the world and I believe in trying out local food wherever I go. My favourite dish remains my dad’s home cooked mutton curry while my comfort food is my mom’s khichdi served with papad and chutney. Both of these dishes are something I’ve grown up with, so I love these so much.

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