‘Punjab is the land of opportunities’

His love for Punjab goes way back, born and brought up in Punjab he always had the vision to do something for this beautiful state as a favor for all the love and learnings he has received here. Getting into the business of construction, he now plans to make Punjab a better place for its people with his creations. Harkamal Sarkaria started his brand Kamal Construction Company and works towards the development of the state. In a conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about how doing business in Punjab is easy and more.

Tell us about your brand and your connection with Punjab.

I manage a construction company registered with the Government of Punjab which bids for various tenders opened by the Government of Punjab and other states and carry developmental works at various places (Urban and Rural) in Punjab and in other states. I was born in Punjab and also presently residing in a district of Punjab which is a holy place and the most revered place of Sikhs as well as of all religions, i.e., Amritsar.

What is that one thing about Punjab that you would miss if you shifted to another state/country?

As far as business is concerned ease of doing business in Punjab is the one thing that holds me to work in Punjab. Government policies and rules are very business-friendly and hassle-free which instills a huge sense of confidence.

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