‘People’s love motivates me every day’

Starting as a hobby, she is now one of the best make-up artists in the state. Palak Singla started her brand, ‘Makeup by Palak Singla because of her love towards creating beauty and finesse every time she dolled someone up. She shifted to Chandigarh and along with the support of her family and her hard work made a place on the top for her brand. In our conversation with Palak, she talks about her journey and her love for Punjab.

Q. Tell us about your brand and your connection with Punjab.

The name of my brand is ‘Makeup by Palak Singla’, which started as a small hobby but eventually with the kind of passion and love I bestowed it nurtured to become a brand name. My connection with Punjab is that I’m based out of Chandigarh and Mohali, and I cater to all the needs of my clients around these areas of Punjab.

Q. What is that one thing about Punjab that you would miss if you shifted to another state/country? 

Firstly, I’d miss the off-season weddings that only happen in Punjab because of my Sikh clientele. Because mostly in other states, marriages happen as per the Hindu dates as decided by the priests and the Pandits but in the case of Punjab we get to work even in the off-season, so it is quite a lot of advantage being in Punjab that ways. 

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