Penumbra Bridging the gap between brands and consumers

In today’s time, each and every brand needs to have a social identity and needs to develop a connection with the public. A Public Relations Company is the perfect bridge to build the gap between the two. Sukriti, founder, Penumbra talks to Nikita Agarwal about her journey and how Public Relations and Social Media Marketing were new concepts for the city when she began.

Tell us about your brand and your journey

I run a Public Relations company by the name of Penumbra; a new age marketing company which helps in formulating content, bringing out ideas, and at the time when we began, it was one of the first companies to have brought this concept to the city.
The journey hasn’t been easy, but Punjab gave me a lot of love. Because it was a nouvelle concept, I just wanted a few people to take the risk and voila; everything else followed!

How is your brand different from the rest in the market?

Having the first mover’s advantage is what has benefited us the most. We are constantly evolving; we change our strategies according to the dynamic environment. This is what makes us different from the rest in the market. With the trust of the people and our constant desire to evolve, we are still ruling in our domain.

How important is it for any brand to go for professional social media marketing?

Out of sight-out of mind’ explains how imperative it is to be visible and getting it done professionally keeps one away from a lot of legal complications. Also, with social media growing every day and its changing algorithms, it is not easy for everyone to make a mark online. You need a professional to do it the right way.

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