Our 0 Cal. Indian Tonic variant is turning out to be the top-selling

Anant Jangwal, Founder & CEO, PEER

  • Tell us about Peer? What was your vision behind it?

With PEER we wanted the brand to have a contemporary positioning as opposed to a classic and heritage positioning which is adopted by our competitors in the tonic water segment. We wanted the brand to be fun and energetic, and to be perceived as a friendly brand. The idea is that anyone with PEER tonic water should be seen as an individual of refined taste who cares about his/her mixer and drink and is also perceived as an approachable person.

PEER is a premium lifestyle beverage brand that offers the lowest calorie/sugar products possible to conscious consumers. We have started our beverage vertical with the launch of four flavours of tonic water in India.

The ‘E’s are also inverted in our logo. The reason for this is because we believe in flipping-the-switch of how people drink with one another. Drinking with one’s peers should not be about getting ‘drunk’, but about mixing and interacting with one another while enjoying one’s drink.  

PEER will be launching additional flavours of tonic and related products in the near future. The common element in all these products is that they will be innovative, and low in calories and sugar.

  • What is your best selling product that is everyone’s favorite? What is its USP?

Our 0 Cal. Indian Tonic variant is turning out to be the top-selling SKU, followed by Bitter Lemon and Mint Tonic.

PEER’s 0 Cal. (zero-sugar and zero-calorie) tonic is for diet-conscious consumers and is the first and only one of its kind in India. It is naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract. Stevia leaf has been enjoyed for centuries in South America and Japan as a healthy, natural alternative to sugar, and is suitable for diabetic users as it has no effect on blood sugar. We preferred it over having artificial sweeteners as an ingredient such as aspartame, which can fluctuate one’s insulin levels. PEER was able to harness the sweetness of stevia, and balance with quinine and complimentary flavors to craft a tonic that is not overpowering to one’s drink, and with extra fizz. 

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