Paras Hospitals Panchkula ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Bariatric Surgery

Dr Anupam Goel, Consultant, Department of Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery, Paras Hospitals, Panchkula, sheds light on bariatric cases in India, the menace of obesity, and lots more!

An Advanced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, Dr Anupam Goel has emerged as a torchbearer in this field of expertise. He has done his specialization in Minimal Access Surgery (Fellowship in National Board) from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, and is a diligent Minimal Access Surgeon who is trusted, patient-focused and known for his sound surgical skills.

Dr Goel has given many presentations as invited faculty and awarded sessions at various national and international conferences. In this exclusive interview, he sheds light on bariatric cases in India, the menace of obesity and lots more!

Do you think Bariatric cases are on a rise in India? If yes, what are the core reasons for this?

Yes, Obesity has increased alarmingly over the past few decades in India. India is now 3rd most obese country in the world. Almost 3 out of 4 Indians in Metro cities are overweight or obese. Obesity is now considered a bigger health threat than malaria or tuberculosis.

Obesity is the root cause of many other health problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac disorders, Fatty Liver, Gallstones, Infertility, Osteoarthritis knee, Obstructive sleep apnoea, Cancer disorders and Depression. The main reason for increasing obesity is the westernisation of India culture, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, decreased physical activity and bad eating habits.

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