‘Our secret ingredient will always be love’

The Famrcut

Adding glamour, style, and flavor to your table, The Farmcut was started in 2019 by Surbhi Chopra with a vision to bring that personal touch to your celebration. In a conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about the brand and its journey.

Nowadays everyone has started taking care of their health, especially after the pandemic and people are avoiding sweets and unhealthy food. At such time, the best gift for someone can be a platter with their favorite freshly prepared snacks or organic food. This is exactly what The Famrcut is all about. Surbhi Chopra, the brain behind The Farmcut tells us more about it, “The Farmcut is the culmination of my dream to provide beautifully decorated platters, salads, dips, and grazing boards to the discerning clientele of Amritsar. I felt that these kinds of homemade exotic hours d’ oeuvres were not available to order in our town, and I wanted to fill this vacuum with The Farmcut. Ours is a home kitchen set up and I try to home grow most of my ingredients and were not possible, source it from the finest vendors. All the cooking and the decorative aspect is personally done by me, and the entire process is intrinsic to The Farmcut’s motto – Our secret ingredient will always be Love.”

With parties getting more intimate these days, she says that The Farmcut strives to be the pièce de resistance at your parties or any other special occasion. They cater to the required themes and color palettes and set up their food in the most beautiful manner which is appealing to look at and fantastic to eat. “Every day is a challenge; the recent times have been especially tough for everyone. Our biggest challenge has been to bring joy and happiness to our clients through the means of innovative and scrumptious food,” Surbhi talks about her daily challenges.

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