Capturing the spirit of Punjab – Saggiphull by Tulika Heer

Taking it as her responsibility to pay a tribute to her culture in each and every outfit she creates, Saggiphull means more than just a passion or profession to Tulika Heer. In addition to her work, she loves listening to music and binge-watching. In a conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she talks about the wedding industry, the latest trends, and more.

Q. Tell us about your brand and when did your love for fashion begin?

Saggiphull By Tulika Heer as the name suggests works towards capturing the ethos of Punjab. It is not just a passion anymore; I feel I have a responsibility on my shoulders to justify the brand name with every outfit I design as they have to be timeless and graceful.

Q. When it comes to weddings, what are the latest fashion trends of 2021-22?

As we all know, the pandemic derailed many weddings this past year, which resulted in a rollercoaster of changes. The weddings turned more intimate and were celebrated with those they hold nearest & dearest. As far as fashion trends are concerned, people started routing for more aesthetic yet glamorous looks. People are falling back in love with the house dress but at the same time as the pandemic is seeming to come to an end, people want to look bold & they are going to want to dress up.

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