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‘Our daughter completes our life in a magical way’

With enthusiastic leadership quality and love for each other and their family, they both are strong personalities when it comes to their work life. Reekrit Serai, Managing Director, Satluj Group of Schools and Radhika Panickar Serai, Founder & CEO, Rumour Books India, compliment each other professionally and personally. Their story is as vivacious and sweet as their personalities. They both started working at a young age and then decided to get married and now they also have a beautiful young daughter. In conversation with Urban Melange, Reekrit Serai talks about their journey and how they bring the best in each other forward.

You guys were together for a long time before you got married, tell us about how you both met?

As cliche as it may sound but the universe definitely conspired to make us meet. We were at the same competition at the British library Chandigarh where she won the competition and my heart both, the rest is history.

When and how did you both decide to get married? Who proposed?

We had both finished college and post-graduation & we were already doing well professionally; we had already started a company together as well. The next obvious thing for us to do was to get married since we’d been dating forever. In fact, I find it quite funny now that I proposed to Radhika several times before our parents actually sat together and finalized a date.

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