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Creating a Strong Foundation Stone

‘Behind every successful man is a woman’ and that woman in eminent edupreneur, Satnam Singh Sandhu’s life is his better-half, Damandeep Kaur Sandhu who constantly encourages him to put his best foot forward.

By: Bhavya Gaind

Hailing his roots from a humble village in Punjab, Satnam Singh Sandhu never thought that he would be able to revolutionize the education sector with his knowledge and proficient acumen. However, owing to his unflinching perseverance and grit to create ripples of positive change in the society, Sandhu paved his way to success and laid the foundation stone of Chandigarh University and ever since then, he has been serving as a lighthouse for global entrepreneurial perspectives in learning and teaching methodologies.

In addition to being an eminent edupreneur, he is also a staunch philanthropist and a visionary leader who is driven by the tenets of truthful living and service to humanity, and in all his endeavours, he is supported by his soulmate, Damandeep Kaur Sandhu who has been with him through the thick and thin.

So, we speak to this inspiring duo to know more about their trailblazing journey together. 

Tell us about your story, how did both of you meet and decided to get married?

Satnam: I was a desi Jatt from an agricultural background, while Damandeep was the only daughter of an Officer at the Oil and Natural Gas Commission. We met each other during our young days, and we were keen to get married, so we eventually tied the knot in a love-cum-arranged marriage.

Damandeep: Initially, it was very difficult to convince our families because we came from different cultural backgrounds and Satnam had just completed his education at that time. However, we were ultimately able to convince our families and we got married harmoniously.

How do you complement each other?

Satnam: Daman is my true soulmate. She has been very supportive of me in all my endeavours. When we got married, I did not have a proper job and we started our journey together while staying at a very compact studio apartment on rent. However, she always adjusted as per the circumstances and motivated me to keep going. I have learnt a lot from her, and all my success is because of her support and belief in me.

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