Nurturing children’s aptitude EdCosmo

A voracious reader, an avid traveler, and a doctor by profession, Dr. Neeru Bali with a mission of opening avenues for children around the country, started with EdCosmo. Talking to Nikita Agarwal Dr. Bali expresses her views on the education system in India and what made her start with EdCosmo.

Tell us about EdCosmo, what made you start it?

I am a doctor by profession and have spent a major part of my life caring for ailing humanity. Along the way, almost eight years ago, to be precise, it dawned upon me that the one thing our people need most is quality education. This prompted me to start my journey of creating awareness amongst children and their parents to go for quality education from reputed institutions in India and abroad. With time this belief has only got stronger. We believe in encouraging children to aspire, dream and work passionately towards getting quality education wherever it takes them, be in India or abroad. We want to be the instrument of their pious journey on this path. With that vision, we decided to create an environment that could comprehensively equip our innately precociously talented children to compete and get admitted to the best universities in the world. EdCosmo was born out of this belief and vision. The journey continues.

What was the biggest challenge for you when you started with EdCosmo?

The major challenge was to convince parents to let their children have wings to follow their dreams. Due to their personal experience and social-cultural factors, most of our parents find themselves limited to think beyond their region and beyond a few career options. This mindset of compelling one’s child to go for medicine or engineering is extremely hard to break. This was the most difficult part. We had to organize multiple lectures, seminars, and talks to get the parents out of their mindset to dream along with their children. Slowly but surely, most of them came on board.

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