‘My greatest achievement is LIFE’

A woman who plays multiple roles in her life and excels in all of them, Radhika Panickar Serai, Founder and CEO of Rumour Books India very well deserves the ‘Nari Shakti Samman’ award she received from the Government of India. Her love for books can be seen in each and every masterpiece she publishes. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she talks about Rumour Books India and her incredible journey till now.

Q. You are an inspiration to many, tell us about your journey as an educationist, publisher and entrepreneur?

Firstly, that’s kind of you to say. My journey has been nothing but memorable. I have and always will be unconventional in my ways of work regardless of my profession. I strongly believe in following your own path instead of being lost amidst a herd. Also, from my experience, you’ll be criticized when you start or fall and celebrated when what you do eventually becomes a trend. So don’t take criticism to heart and follow your inner voice always.

Q. How are you reviving the charm of reading books to this generation?

I’m reviving the charm by publishing books themselves. When I started this firm, I didn’t know anyone my age who wanted to make a business out of publishing books. I wasn’t taken very seriously being a young face in this industry which is popularly dominated by age-old names that enjoy an unlimited monopoly. Quick money and huge fame are what most people my age expected in their package. I never chased both. Even when the money was zilch, I kept churning out books.

Q. Tell us about Rumour Books India. What is the USP of your brand?

With the help of my team, spearheaded by my oldest employee, Ms Ritu Upadhyay we’ve successfully made a mark in the traditional publishing world. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why I always call my firm, a boutique publishing house. Each author is handheld throughout the process, approvals are taken at every step & each book is my baby, or a masterpiece if I may say so. The quality of my books is what would make a non-reader into a reader instantly and the content is what would convert a reader into a voracious reader is my word.

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