‘My goodwill has helped me grow’

Her passion and her love for make-up inspired her to take this up as her profession. Mehak Kawatra’s honest approach towards every client and every student is what has helped her create a goodwill of her own in the industry. With sold-out sessions every time and budding make-up artists looking up to her for inspiration, she has come a long way in such short span of time. She talks her heart out with Nikita Agarwal and shares some tips and tricks from her daily regime and her journey with her brand Mehak Kawatra Studio and Academy.

How did you step into this industry?

I am from an engineering background, but since my college days I used to try different make-up techniques on myself and my friend and cousins. Everyone always appreciated my skills and would want me to do their touch ups for special occasions. It all started from my ideology of self-grooming at home and all those techniques that I used to practice at home eventually made me choose this as my profession. I started my journey like any other small venture, or start-up from a single room at my home around eight years ago in 2014. I always make sure to be thorough with the products I use and know of each and every detail of that particular product before using it on my clients. Like this I have enhanced my skills over the period of time and have climbed up the ladder.