Making Laddoos tastier and healthier

Khauwala & Co.

Giving our traditional old sweets a glamorous makeover, and making it tastier and more nutritious, Devangi Patankar, Co-Founder & Director, Khauwala & Co. is on a spree of bringing new experiences to the market. This third-generation entrepreneur saw the pandemic as an opportunity to enter into the market with their healthy version of laddoos. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she talks about the sweet journey her at Khauwala & Co. and her next big step.

  1. What inspired you to come up with diet-friendly sweets?

Our Company is one of the most prominent Indian traditional food brands in Maharashtra and in these current times, hygiene and nutrition of food is our biggest focus areas and that’s why we came up with creating an unmatched experience in the market. Through years of experience that my mother has, and my own in-depth understanding of the global food business, I feel this would definitely lead to an advantage in the market. Moreover, I felt India has a huge market for sweets as most of the population loves sweets. Along with that, there is a growing population of people who are more conscious of their health and calorie intake. This population is more aware of where the sources come from, what ingredients are used etc. Hence, we decided to venture into diet-friendly sweets.

  1.   People these days are seen relishing international sweets more than Indian. What do you think about it?

We are living in an open market which means there are a lot of options available to everyone. But this does not mean people will switch to other sweets. We have seen international QSR becoming a hit in our country, but we still love our Vada pavs equally. So, the way I see it, this is not really a big threat. On the contrary, we may begin to appreciate our savories and sweets better I feel.

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