An artistic abode in Udaipur

Captivating the luxury of the city of Lakes, Udaipur; Beyond Design’s latest project is a marvel in itself. From flamboyant wallpapers to a vibrant color palette the whole theme adds life to this three-bedroom apartment which also has a dedicated entertainment section.

Starting from the topmost floor, one cannot miss the terrace bar and the lounge, the massage room, and the powder room. The terrace bar is a stunningly glamorous place with an exquisite bar counter in black-and-white striped marble and a mirror-covered base with brass highlights. The chic leather bar stools complement the setting perfectly. The decorative ceiling in a dark shade and black flooring add to the allure of the bar, while the cluster of pendant lights adds a dazzling note. The theme continues to the bar lounge which has a statement black and white inlay coffee table with twin crystal chandeliers shining upon it. The console table and the chairs showcase the typical Beyond Designs style of layered details and immaculate finishes. Contemporary style seating in the formal living area is complemented with some classical touches in the table lamp, the wall art, and a show-stopper coffee table clad in mirrors. Though done up mostly in a neutral tone, colors from the cushions, the table lamp, and upholstery add a bright and delightful touch.

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