Making a Difference

Mr. M Balaji, CEO, Clarks Exotica has redefined luxury with the impeccable services at this one-of-its-kind resort

By: Bhavya Gaind

What was once intended to be a five-star clubhouse for residents, transcended to become one of Bengaluru’s most-preferred destination for corporate conventions,
weekend getaways, wedding destinations, and spacations. An epitome of opulence, Clarks Exotica celebrates a decade of excellence this year. So, we speak to Mr. M Balaji, CEO, Clarks Exotica to know more!

Take us through your journey as the CEO of Clarks Exotica? What were the major challenges that you had to face, so far?

My journey so far at Clarks Exotica has been enlightening. With the support of a skilled team, we have been able to implement some of the key policies and changes that makes the brand one of the premium five-star hotels in the country.  I have been actively involved in strategizing, conceptualizing and business development for the hotel.

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