‘Make friends for life’ at The Hosteller

If you are in for a different experience during your next vacation and are willing to be friends with your co-travelers or co-hostellers, then The Hosteller is the perfect accommodation choice for you. Pranav Dangi, Founder, Of The Hosteller shares a few insights from his journey till now and his inspiration behind this brilliant concept with Urban Melange.

At times, high-end luxury hotels are out of our budget, and we look for experiences at different places. While on a vacation it is not just about the place you are visiting but also the place you are staying at, that defines your mood for the whole trip. The Hosteller is one such place that offers you a vibrant experience within your budget. From a comfortable stay to delicious food and a no-formality environment, this is the place to choose for your next vacation. While talking to Pranav Dangi, Founder, Of The Hosteller, we asked him about how this idea came to his mind. Explaining about it he shares a story with us, “So, our journey started back in 2014 when I was backpacking in Europe. One evening while we were in Geneva, we wanted to take a train to another town. However, due to bad weather, all trains got canceled. We were left with the only option of staying back for the night in Geneva. Then came the toughest job of finding a budget-friendly place to crash. A fancy hotel would be a bit out of pocket for us. I remember vividly my friend suggesting that we look for ‘hostels’ there and we found one very close to the train station for under 10 Euros. We reached the place & found this amazing, super clean & lively place with travelers from all over the world. It was kind of a life-changing experience for us. The next morning, we had a hearty breakfast at the hostel, did a city tour during the day, and hopped on the evening train to the next town on our list of adventures. That’s how the idea of The Hosteller began.”

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