Glam-up your wardrobe with Harbour 9

Size inclusivity, comfort, and easy-to-wear design, this is what we all are looking for from fashion brands, irrespective of our gender. Manoj Jain, Director, Harbour 9 makes sure that his collection has it all and adds glamour along with comfort to every man’s wardrobe. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about what fashion and style mean to him and his big plans with Harbour 9 for the coming future.

People believe that shopping for a woman is difficult, but they haven’t seen when a man struggles to shop for that much-awaited date or a special meeting or any other special occasion. Sometimes it is not easy to find the perfect fit and style in one place. Similar was the vision of Manoj Jain, Director, Harbour 9 when he started with his brand. “Having spent some time understanding the customer and their apparel needs, we inferred that when it comes to men’s clothing in India, premium and well-fitted casual wear takes ages to search and shop for. Not much to offer, men have been settling for hues of blue and seldom choices in any patterns of clothing that they would like. We envisioned creating the perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down, that cues relaxation and ease,” he says.

When asked to describe his brand in five words, he says that it is effortless, stylish, comfortable, confident, and relaxed. And this covers 90% of the things a man is looking to add to his wardrobe. Talking about the biggest challenge he had to face, he says, “the apparel industry requires due diligence by the makers in a bid to make the right fit for each and every one. Given that the Indian market is dynamic, getting the fit right was the biggest challenge as there is no fixed size guide for Indians. We had to go through many trials and errors to get the right fit for S, M, L, XL.