Let’s isolate on a secluded beach resort

When can we travel carefree again? That’s one of the most common thoughts running on our minds in recent times. As we satisfy our cravings for now with multiple insta #throwbacks, #mood, #want, #wanderlust, here’s an inside dope on some of the most secluded beach resorts in the world. There is an increase in demand for anything to do with ‘private’ – from planes to villas or private islands as affluent travellers are seeking isolation and seclusion whilst realizing the need to escape from the confinement of their homes after months, or actually a year! These resorts will ensure that you are able to enjoy exploring the destination and savour in the luxury while maintaining your much-needed privacy and isolation.

Samujana Villas

SAMUJANA’s name comes from the blend of Koh ‘Samui’ and the word ‘Jana’, meaning coral in Moroccan, due to its stunning hillside location overlooking a coral cove, with private beach access and uninterrupted views of Samui. Samujana’s definition is very simple – 23 charming villas from 1 to 8 bedrooms, all with oversized private infinity pools, modern Thai architecture and breath-taking views, 5 star hotel services and details that make the world of differences, the perfect place for friends and family to gather and have a great time. Each Villa comes automatically with its private Villa manager and villa maid, state-of-the art leisure facilities and the latest in audio and media amenities, your private villa is your HOME away from home and if you really fancy having your own private chefs, you need just to ask and that will be taken care of too.

Pimalai Resort & Spa, Krabi

Koh Lanta’s first five-star resort, Pimalai Resort & Spa has been redefining luxury hospitality on the Andaman Island since it launched almost two decades ago. The award-winning property, located on the laid-back southern tip, cascades through 100 acres of tropical jungles easing its way towards one of Thailand’s best beaches: Kantiang Bay. At Pimalai, its 900 meters beachfront and 100 acres of paradise will rekindle your love for nature amidst lush tropical forests and the endless Andaman waters.

40 years ago, the owners and developers of this resort discovered lush, hilly land at the tip of Koh Lanta. They envisioned a personal paradise, a place where children could learn about and inherit a love for nature. They fell in love with the vivid azure cove, golden strips of sand and the verdant green of the surrounding mountains and realized that such beauty was meant to be shared. So, for the next 30 years, the two of them, with a group of like-minded family and friends as business partners, built the Pimalai estate. Unlike the rest of Koh Lanta which had given way to resorts, beach vendors and the hectic buzz of tourism, the natural setting of Pimalai remains virtually untouched up to this day.

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