Eco Saree Club: weaving a hope for artisans

Producing handcrafted products by dealing directly with the artisans and weavers, EcoSareeClub aims to bring fashion and art together through their products. In conversation with Khitish Pandya, Founder, EcoSareeClub and Eco Tasar, Nikita Agarwal finds out more about their latest linen collection.

Q.1 How do you plan to preserve the Indian Heritage through Eco Saree Club?

Our EcoSareeClub is focused on producing handcrafted products, we maintain the authenticity attached to our product. Master weavers themselves work with best of their skills and take time to develop a Saree with their precision which they have gathered in all these years. Ecosareeclub product provides you a sense of heritage and a feeling that you are wearing something very exquisite. Ecosareeclub makes sure that with each saree produced, the benefits are passed on in training the younger generation to carry forward and preserve Indian craft and heritage.

Q.2 What is special about your latest linen saree collection?

Our new Ecosareeclub Linen Collection is made on the minimalistic design philosophy combined with vibrant colours. This will give them a professional look and will be perfectly suitable for the people who like to wear saree in office. It is a unison of minimalism with modern look. Hand block print is a part of new linen collection adding a twist with accent of edging and embroidery. Ecosareeclub new collection is all set to have heads turned on women wearing it in office or any occasion.

Q.3 Why linen? What do your customers feel about this wonderful fabric?

Linen is an amazingly comfortable fabric and a renowned one too, Indian summer is just like thorns in skins, we want our customer to feel relaxed and comfortable with saree from EcoSareeClub. Linen is a fabric which will keep them calm & cool.

Natural linen has many natural healing capabilities, it is said that linen is fungus and bacteria resistant. Linen is highly ‘hydroscopic’ meaning it rapidly absorbs and gives up moisture. Which keeps you cool and irritation free. This explains why linen clothes always feel fresh and cool.

Customer who are our buyers, they are fond of the fabric because of the texture they get and they know that what they are getting is 100% Linen of best quality without any adulteration of other non-natural yarn.

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