Keeping it Trendy!

Mr Puneet and Yatin Jain, Directors Odhni highlight the fashion trends that will reign this Raksha Bandhan

In India, the arrival of monsoon does not only give relief from high temperature and heatstroke but also bring along the festive season that begins with Raksha Bandhan, a festival of celebrating bonding between sisters and brothers. And, a festival in north India cannot be imagined without sweets and ravishing clothes. Though Raksha Bandhan is a festival of siblings, girls supersede boys when it comes to buying and wearing new clothes. So, what dresses they should adorn this Raksha Bandhan to stay cool and trendy? Below are some fashion tips that are expected to splash bling during the Rakhi season in 2019.

Shine with your aura

In between days flooded with downpour gleam a light, cheerful, and sporty sunshine. For all your morning plans or brunch meet-ups, choose the staples in shades of yellow, lime green, pink, and white. A cotton gown dress in blush pink and lime green to rock the look of the subtle, delicate muse. But, add a sporty dash to it by wearing sneakers and letting your hair down and flowing. You can also go for kaftan Kurtis in bright yellow or mustard with off-white culottes and sneakers, of course. Go for the subtle prints such as medallion, damask, stripes, and floral to celebrate this emotive festival.

Kurtis with Dhoti Pants

Kurtis, which fashion-forward ladies love to don during cheerful days and breezy evenings. Of late, dhoti style, layered, long flared, and waste tie-up Kurtis are some of the Kurti styles that are running in the hottest trends and on high demands. Dhoti pants are worn over a short Kurti, culottes over a shirt Kurti, embroidered jackets on solid Kurtis, and even the waist belts are a total hit. An oversized or loose Kurti is instantly made a remarkable outfit by putting on a waist belt. Light embroidered and solid Kurtis take the ultimate look with paired with the trendiest embroidery jackets, a perfect dress for parties. For casual occasions, prints such as cityscapes, overgrown trees, florals are the fashionable motifs meant for the season.

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