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While buying diamonds, most of us are unaware of the technical specifications of how to check the color and the clarity of the diamond. We mostly just trust the jeweller and the marking on the product. But if your jeweller is well educated in the subject, he can make sure that you are buying the best product in the best possible price. Nikhil Bansal, Owner, Kangan Jewellers says that his in-depth knowledge about diamonds helps him to get the best product and deliver the same to his customers. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about his journey with diamonds and more.

Tell us about your brand and your journey

Our brand name is Kangan Jewellers. We are here since the year 2002. We have a retail showroom in the heart of Chandigarh and the support of a huge number of clients who have been with us since the beginning. Since last four years we have stepped into the wholesale business of solitaires and diamond jewellery.

How is your brand different from the rest in the market?

Our vision has always been to provide our clients with world class quality and authenticity. All our jewellery pieces are hallmarked and certified from big laboratory giants in this industry. We have an unbeatable Commitment towards our clients which has helped us to thrive in this market for 20 years. Also, we provide unsurpassable support to our clients after the product is delivered to them.

How important is it for a jeweller to have studied about gems. Tell us about your background and how it helped you in your profession?

I am a diamond graduate from Gemological institute of America (GIA). I did my graduation in diamonds in 2013 and gathered vast knowledge on the subject. We sell and buy diamonds on daily basis, so my accurate knowledge helps me in purchasing it on best prices and giving the benefit of the same to our beloved clients. It is extremely important for a jeweller to have profound knowledge when it comes to diamonds. He should know what type of quality he is buying and can explain the same to the customers in deep. Having knowledge about diamonds gives us the power to buy them at a genuine cost and this authentic quality we then pass on to our customers. Furthermore, all the 4Cs of a diamond play a vital role in marking the price for it.

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