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With more than one million rooms worldwide, Hilton is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world. As a result of their commitment, leadership, and innovation, today Hilton is one of the most respected brands in the world. After being passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences amongst numerous Hotels and Resorts across a large number of countries all over the world, Hilton proudly boasts one of its enrichingly scenic property, a 34-storey hotel adjacent to Central Festival Pattaya Beach; Hilton Pattaya.

Just about a kilometer away from the Central Pattaya shopping mall alongside sweeping ocean views makes Hilton Pattaya a very comfortable and extravagant experience for tourists from across the globe.

Hitting spotlight on some of their extraordinary amenities; the horizon roof top bar checks all lists of comfort and class when it comes to attending official meetings or to ease around with friends and family in the evening, this roof top bar is an all time favorite go-to spot. The on-site restaurant offers all day dining for the guests which suffices them round the clock. The executive lounge with outdoor pool makes for a luxurious point for the guests to windup their days in and to limber themselves down while on a rejuvenating holiday.

All in all; the rejoiceful spa, picturesque beach view and on point room service are just a few of their services offered on board.

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