Journey through the pandemic was rugged’

Fulfilling his parents’ dream, Dr. Mandeep S. Saini, M.B.B.S., M.D. (Internal Medicine) fought a hard battle during the pandemic saving his patients along with his team at Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana. Urban Melange in conversation with him found out about his love for singing and more.


With my schooling that began from the very prestigious BCM senior secondary school, I soon gave into what my parents had always dreamt for me. To be a doctor. They had a dream and I made it come true in front of their eyes. To make them proud was the chief motive that began my journey into being a doctor. It was crystal clear where my life was about to lead me just after I finished school and thereby spent years of hard work and successfully completed my MBBS. My specialization was in MD medicine. I have undeniably always wanted to be in the medical field.

Q2. What and who has been the biggest motivation in your journey?

The motivation and inspiration always starts young and for me my teachers, be it in school or college, have been my gurus for everything I have done till date. From small decions to big, from where I am today to who I am today I give it all to my teachers who were nothing less than a driving force in my career. Dr. Sain Gupta on the other hand is that one doctor I would like to mention as my biggest motivation throughout. There is always someone who guides you into an unerring path and makes sure they don’t let you fall and even if you do, they are there to hold you, he has always been that for me.

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