Doctors: the unsung heroes of the society

The covid-19 pandemic is lasting longer than we ever thought. Since last year Sakonsa has been constantly working to support the community and frontline workers. In the starting of pandemic, we have seen how people were making a distance from the doctors, abusing them physically and emotionally and discriminating with them just because of covid fear and in response to the same we started with #encouragethecourage campaign to spread awareness about the hard work all our frontiers are doing. But after a whole year of fighting with pandemic people have learnt almost nothing.

The doctors who are working their best, tirelessly and selflessly are living in a state of fear everyday. Fear of serving more than their best and getting beaten up in return.

The current state of the world is largely dependent on these heroes who are now facing difficulties just to serve society. Do they deserve the injustice they are currently facing?

Since the starting of covid 19 2nd wave Sakonsa had onboarded 30+ Doctors with us to provide medical consultation to everyone in need. In this project we were getting hundreds of queries per day and with the help of our expertise doctors we have successfully helped thousands of people with the medical consultation.  We have observed that it is a very exhausting task since every patient is different even if the disease is same in maximum people. But all the thanks to our doctors team who worked with us without any benefit and filling the world with such great act of kindness.

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