Is Skincare Only for Women? 

By Tarini Peshawaria, Beauty Influencer and Blogger

The other day I was at dinner when someone pointed out, “You know that guy has a stash of serums and skincare on his bathroom shelf?” followed by a burst of giggles by a bunch of men and women. My heart cringed and it made me feel the same way as I do when a sexist joke on a woman is made – purely uncomfortable. 

Remember those ads when the pink tube of the face wash was for women and the black tube was for men? Chances are if you read the ingredients, there wouldn’t be an iota of difference. Why is that? Skincare is gender neutral, contrary to what beauty brand marketing makes you believe. 

Men can easily use the same products and routine as a woman to keep their skin healthy. The key difference in the skin cells, however, is that men’s skin is about twenty to thirty percent thicker than women’s, making them have more elasticity and collagen and in turn, less susceptible to wrinkles but not immune! 

Although a large majority of the following I have on social media are women, there are also certain men who reach out asking if they should use different products. Oftentimes, women message me asking for their respective partners, if I could make some content on men’s skincare too. But the truth is, skin is skin, male or female. But we are wired to believe from childhood, that doll houses were for girls, while cars were for guys, so how could this not!

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