In the Spirit of Service

Dr. Jagvinder Singh Virk wears many hats, but he is driven by the principle of helping others.

Amolak Singh Grewal

Individuals often accept additional responsibility when it is shoved onto them, but there are few who rise to the occasion and shoulder the burden of responsibilities that might not even directly concern them. Dr. Jagvinder Singh Virk is a prime example of a man who has gone above and beyond what is expected of him.

A politician, social worker, entrepreneur, business strategist, mentor, and nationalist — Dr. Jagvinder Singh Virk wears many hats.


Although he is often regarded as a community leader, it is not a designation that he is comfortable with. “Community is an aspect that can have various meanings, I honestly consider myself to be a grassroots leader. I was interested in politics and leadership even as a child —during my college and University days, I was happy to take on leadership positions and responsibilities,” he explains.

Since immigrating to Australia, Dr. Virk has focused on Indo-Australian relations by creating the India-Australia Strategic Alliance, which is responsible for strengthening the ties between both nations through political, social, and economic discourses between relevant expert groups and authorities. Although his journey began as a doctor, Dr. Virk is quick to admit that he never enjoyed his work. Working 16 hours a day refused to provide him with the sense of fulfilment that he desired. But he still carried on with it because he viewed it as a service to mankind. Though, he yearned for something more meaningful. Despite being a successful medical professional and a businessman, he wished to do something beyond just earning money.

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