Dr. Vivek Saggar

By: Rubika Bedi

A passion that started thirty years ago and turned into something concrete and more momentous at the times of covid-19; Bird Photography, an escape from the world, a form of meditation and what makes Dr. Vivek feel more alive, has changed his outlook tremendously towards nature and life all together.

My main passion of being a doctor never deviated from it’s purpose, it’s rather the passion toward photography that gets me back to it with ten folds the energy and enthusiasm” utters Dr. Vivek. Identifying and documenting more than seventy species of birds in the past few years speaks volumes about his impetus towards researching over birds and not just clicking them around.

Being the first one to document and identify the largest number of bird species in Punjab, I plan to launch my very own coffee table book or develop a gallery, showcasing my one of a kind work. But as of now I am relishing each moment of capturing these beauties of nature” he adds. 

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