‘I’m connected to Punjab with my soul’

A believer in hard work who craves her client’s love and appreciation, Preet, the name behind The PK Label looks forward to giving her best each and every day. In a conversation with us, she shares about her love for Punjab and how her brand is completely connected to it.

With a vision to dress the world in classy Indian wear, Preet started her brand by the name of The PK Label. Talking about her brand, she says, “The PK Label as its name says is a label which signifies my creativity and love for designing outfits. PK Label has a vast variety of clothes and designs for every age and style of women, and it’s not limited to certain people. I am born and brought up in Punjab and these are my roots. My connection with Punjab is of blood and soul.

With Punjab being an integral part of herself and her brand, Preet can’t think about shifting to another city because of her love for Punjab. When we asked her about what she would miss the most about Punjab if she moves to another place, she says, “well it is not easy to say about one thing as I live in Punjab and Punjab lives in me but the warmth and culture of Punjab are the most I will miss which is reflected in my outfits all the time.”

Every business whether it is small or big requires some legal work which can be a challenge at times. “This is a small-scale business run in houses by homemakers struggling to achieve their goals and cope with homes and work. In my opinion, a lot of amendments are required for women-oriented businesses, like getting loans for small-scale businesses should be made easy, which currently requires a lot of documentation and maintenance. Also, expensive high taxes are a challenge for us,” she talks about how the government can make things easier for other small-scale women entrepreneurs like her.

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