‘I was always praised for my art’

A woman with an ambition to showcase her art all around the world, Kim Juneja started her brand, The Paint Palette by Kim to pursue her passion for being an artist. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she talks about her inspiration, vision, and her next big step.

An artist is not someone who studies art, it comes from within. It is about your feelings and your belief in your inner self. Kim Juneja, the name behind The Paint Palette by Kim has been an artist since her childhood days. Talking about how it all began, she says, “when I reminisce my childhood period, most of my time was spent scribbling and sketching behind notebooks and on drawing sheets. I was always praised for my art. Art was somewhere left behind while pursuing higher education, for marriage thereafter and kids, family, and for health issues. I have been married for 24 years. I restarted and revived my passion for art 10 years ago on the insistence of my younger sister who is an artist too. I never looked back again.”

It is the emotions of the artist that you see on the canvas, talking about her inspiration, Kim says, “I am a very emotional person and a firm believer in God. Anything I see that elevates emotions of love, care, affection, and spirituality in me, inspires me to paint it on canvas.” There is a story behind how she started her journey as a professional artist. Reminiscing her old painting, she says, “when I restarted my art journey 10 years ago, the third painting I created was a representation of me, a girl embracing her arms for the up high sky. When I shared that on social media, this painting caught the fancy of an art collector from Australia for a large amount. This was an indicator from God that I should follow art professionally.”

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