‘Believe in yourself and move forward’

A brand that is high in quality, yet affordable and offers comfort is what every woman is looking for. These are the synonyms that can perfectly describe Maisha Creations. Ashima Sehgal, the name behind Maisha Creations talks to Nikita Agarwal about her journey as a woman entrepreneur.

With their hard work and dedication, Ashima Sehgal along with her mother-in-law started a brand that is all about comfort, style, and luxury. Being an entrepreneur and talking about the birth of Maisha Creations, Ashima says, “working as an entrepreneur is a herculean task in all.  Maisha Creations is a brainchild of me and my mom-in-law, we are not only responsible for conceptualizing the idea of luxe comfort without making a hole in the pocket but also for implementing it through careful research. Being an entrepreneur, there are day-to-day challenges that we face, right from production to delivery. Apart from the challenges we face, this bootstrap company has proudly served more than 1500 customers since its conception in June 2020. In short, it is an interesting rollercoaster ride as of now.

It was the appreciation of her clients that motivate her every day, adding on to this, she says, “earlier when I started it was just to do something, but now it is a dream to become India’s top luxe comfort brand with every appreciation we get on a daily basis has made us realize that there is a lot more to achieve and conquer.”

A business becomes an instant success when it fills a gap in the market that has a wide demand. “The vision to start a nightwear brand was that there is a huge gap in the market in terms of getting luxury nightwear without spending more than Rs. 2500. So, we decided to add a collection of luxe comfort with a minimum cost of Rs 999 up to Rs 2199. So now you have the luxury in bed without rolling out a lot of money from the wallet,” says Ashima.

She strongly believes that we are yet to unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs and one shouldn’t mistake their shyness or timidity with humility. Women need to stand by their success and let people around them realize it. A thing that she would like to change about the mindset towards women entrepreneurs is, “I would like to change the fact of acceptance. There is no acceptance for you in the market until you make it to a point and show that you are doing a profitable business. As a woman, the dream to become a big brand across the country is surpassed with just a small word of PASSION.  SHE IS JUST WORKING FOR HER PASSION. So, believe in yourself and move forward. The sky is the limit until you are following what you want to achieve.”

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