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Healing with Heart – Nurturing little ones’ lives

What led you to specialize in paediatrics?

As a child, I was always fascinated with how the human body works. My parents were my inspiration, both being doctors- I was always awed by this profession. My interest in medicine grew stronger as I saw them helping and changing so many lives. Witnessing their impact on society and work satisfaction left a profound impact on me. I chose to be a paediatrician because of the simple fact that I will get to work with children every day. I’ve always adored being around kids and they always enjoyed being around me. Being a paediatrician isn’t all about healthy children, there are sick kids as well and the fact that I get to treat these kids brightens and elevates my mood. Also, being a paediatrician isn’t just being a doctor in my opinion. Paediatricians are almost like therapist, teachers and counselors. There is no better reward than being able to have fun, help and interact with kids every day, it never gets boring and keeps me young at heart…!

You are also a neonatologist, what exactly is neonatology?

Neonatology is a super-specialisation branch of paediatrics which deal with issues pertaining to new-borns and premature babies. It’s a highly skilled field where you deal with babies which are very weak and fragile, and they need intensive care for their survival. Tricity unfortunately does not have many Neonatologists as it involves complex skills and years of training, hence I was always inspired to take up this challenging skill.

You require state of the art equipment and special ventilators, incubators etc. to save such premature babies who cannot sustain their own body functions as they are so fragile and premature.

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