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Dedicated to enhancing patient care – Dr. Praveen Devgan

What inspired you to specialize in general surgery and develop a particular interest in laparoscopic surgery?

After completing my MBBS, I excelled in the PG entrance test and had the opportunity to choose any specialty for comfortable life and good earnings. However, I was inspired by my passion for surgery during my house-job period. A senior surgeon recognized my excellent hand-eye coordination and surgical skills, advising me to pursue a career in surgery. I heeded his advice and pursued MS in General Surgery, clearing the exam in 1995. To gain practical experience, I joined Beas Charitable Hospital under the guidance of renowned surgeon Dr. B.S. Tung. Over the course of several years, I performed a wide range of open surgeries, gaining confidence and independence. In 1999, I embraced the emerging field of laparoscopic surgery, conducting successful cases using the latest instruments. This shift represented a new challenge that allowed me to explore and thrive personally and professionally. With the blessings of my parents and the guidance of Dr. B.S. Tung, I achieved proficiency in laparoscopic surgery, marking a significant milestone in my career.

As the medical director of Altec Hospital, what steps have you taken to ensure the highest standard of care for your patients?

First & foremost since I had worked for more than 10 years in all big & famous old & new, individual & corporate hospitals of Amritsar, like Fortis Hospital, Escort Hospital (they were 2 separate hospitals earlier. Fortis was new & smaller like Altec Hospital & Escort was big as it is now). Sh. Muni Lai Chopra, Kakkar Hospital 15 years ago, Nayyar Hospital etc, so I tried to find the best things in all their systems and shortcomings at the same time. I made a note of even the smallest detail of the surgical, Gynae, ICU & other systems of the hospitals & then implemented those things in the Altec Hospital. I bought the latest and best equipment to start with and then continued to upgrade year after year. Without even any obvious need of ECHs, CGHS’s mandatory requirement, still I opted for NABH certification after fulfilling all the guidelines of quality properly. We got it very smoothly because of the constant maintenance of the quality. Still, we try to apply airline like safety protocol & highest standard of care & quality services to all the patients. We take continuous feedback from every patient, relatives, visiting doctors & our own staff & continuously implement better techniques of patient care & services.

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