Harmony in Healthcare and Education

A Power Couple’s Insights

Seamlessly blending healthcare expertise and educational vision, Dr. HK Bali, Dr H.K. Bali, Chairman, Cardiac Sciences at Paras Hospitals Panchkula and Dr. Neeru Bali, the visionary behind EdCosmo share their journey. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, they talk about the synergy between healthcare and education, and the art of balancing personal and professional life.

Dr. Neeru, from being a doctor to EdCosmo. Tell us about your journey.

My professional journey as a doctor led me to a crucial realization nearly eight years ago – the paramount need for quality education. Recognizing the significance of knowledge dissemination in today’s rapidly advancing world, I embarked on a mission to create awareness among children and parents about the importance of seeking education from reputable institutions. This vision evolved into EdCosmo.

Dr. Bali, what motivated your decision to specialize in Cardiology? Additionally, what, in your opinion, is the primary factor contributing to the increasing incidence of heart attacks today?

I chose Cardiology in the 1980s due to its rapid evolution and challenging nature, especially with the introduction of interventions. The field allowed me to satisfy my curiosity and contribute to changing the medical landscape by pioneering interventions for heart attacks. The escalating rate of heart problems is primarily attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle marked by high stress, materialistic pressures, social media influence, lack of peace of mind, environmental pollution, and consumption of unhealthy food.

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