From Soulmate to Officemate!

Strapline: Karan Bajwa, Managing Director and Ritambhra K. Bajwa, Marketing Manager, Shemrock Group of Schools are together creating ripples of change in the education sector

The truly adorable duo of Karan Bajwa and Ritambhra K. Bajwa are efficiently working together in unison towards taking the Shemrock School surpass new benchmarks with each passing day and needless to say, they are excelling in their endeavor with utmost grace and perseverance. Here’s more about the duo!

It is often said that ‘two are better than one’ and your inspiring journey stands testament to the same. Tell us more about it?

Karan: I was quick enough to decide about combining our individual skills, energy and motivation into one direction as our skill sets and strengths complemented each other. While they are very different, it allows autonomy to excel in our individual areas of expertise and then come together, working as a team.

Ritambhra: From soulmate to office mate, being together at the workplace helps me bring out my best. Karan has an easygoing personality and has always been supportive of my ideas and ideologies.

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