Dr Jaslovleen & Dr Jagandeep

Dictionary defines Power Couple as one where both the members are famous or accomplished in their own fields. So here, we bring to you this doctor duo from paras hospitals panchkula who are perfect example of being the Power Couple         

By: Sanya Doomra

It is often said that ‘two are better than one’ and your inspiring journey stands testament to the same. Tell us more about it?

Dr Jagandeep: I was pursuing my MS Orthopaedics when I met Jas and she was doing her MD Medicine. It was an arranged marriage and soon we were married after courtship of two months. Since our final post graduate exams were just 2 months after our marriage, we were more like study buddies. And this was where I realised that she brings out the best out of me. She would wake me early, remind me of my goals (to do better for patients) and encourage me to do bigger things. It was because of her persuasiveness that I decided to specialise as Orthopaedic Oncosurgery and become one of the very few Ortho-Oncosurgeons in India and now I am working at Paras Hospitals Panchkula.

Dr Jaslovleen: My father is like Hanikaarak Baapu from Dangal and since very young age, I was trained to be very focused on education. When I met Jagan through our parents, I told him that I wanted to do higher studies and was very serious about that. Everyone else took me lightly and told that you won’t be able to study much after marriage but it was Jagan’s efforts, that I could fulfill my dream of becoming a neurologist. So for me, it was the right man in my life after my father to keep me focused to my goal.

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